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Omni Tester

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The Omnitester is a cool new gadget from SmokTech. This device allows you to check the resistance of any 510 or eGo-threaded atomizer. It also allows you to check the output voltage of your 510 device, including Pulse-Width Modulated devices, like the Zmax and even eGo batteries. You can also attach an atomizer and a device at the same time to test its voltage under load!

The Omnitester has an internal battery, and comes with a USB to Micro-USB cable to charge it. There are a myriad of uses for a device like this. You can simply test your resistance and use it as an ohm-meter. You can also test the voltage drop of your mechanical mod by attaching a mod and an atomizer at the same time. You can even check the output voltage of a mod that's set to wattage mode and get results in real-time, instead of using an Ohm's Law calculator. If you're feeling really crafty, you can even attach a gooseneck extension or two, and use the mod while it sits on your desk, without even having to pick it up! Whether you're a veteran or a beginner, this is a handy tool that shouldn't be passed up!

  • 510 EGO connector on one side to fit almost any tank, clearomizer, cartomizer or atomizer you may have.
  • Male 510 connection on the other side that you can attach almost any device that has a 510 connector.
  • Three digit LCD Screen in between that will display voltage, loaded voltage, or ohm reading, depending on the configuration and settings you select.
  • Above the screen there is a sliding switch so you can select between resistance checking and voltage checking.
  • On the back side(not the bottom) there is a micro USB port so you can recharge the built in battery. There is a red LED light on the face that lights up when the Omni tester is charging and it goes out when the charge is complete. The Omnitester can be used while it is charging.

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