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Want2vape Flavor Concentrates FAQ

3/30/2012 by XV

  • Want2Vape FAQ

Our Want2vape  FAQ page is directly from want2vape's website here

want2vape juices contain NO diacetyl.

Want2vape juices are a 70% PG/30% VG blend, except for Creme Brulee and EcoBerry, which are both 50/50. We do not offer custom ratios at this time, as higher concentrations of VG dull flavors. We prefer to not ship a product that isn't as good as we made it, therefore custom PG/VG ratios are not available. As much as we'd like to accomodate every preference, only a very small percentage of people are sensitive to PG, and our juice performs and tastes best at the ratio we offer.Natural tobacco extracts contain some nictotine from the extraction process.

As a result, our juices that use natural tobacco extracts will contain 1-3mg/ml more than the stated nicotine strength. This is the case with all juice that uses natural tobacco extracts, we're just letting you know about it. That includes the zero nic strength, which in these cases will actually be 1-3mg/ml

Our 15ml bottles actually hold approximately 17ml of juice. We just thought we'd mention that. They're sold as 15ml, but you're really getting around 17ml

People confuse PG (propylene glycol) with ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is the substance lethal to animals and humans. Propylene glycol is a benign substance used in many foods, pharmaceuticals, skin products and commercial tobacco, in addition to E Liquid.

We suggest that our customers who prefer a different base liquid buy our E Liquid Flavoring Concentrates and mix their own version of want2vape flavors. We feel that offers a better way to satisfy customers who have a strong base liquid preference and still allows us to maintain our high standard of quality control over the product we ship.